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  January 22, 2020

wellbalanced ONLINE Academy

I am currently working on my new project - the wellbalanced ONLINE Academy.

On this platform I will publish

Pilates, Bodytoning and TRX lessons (20 - 40 min)

short lessons (about 10-15min) to following topics

  • correct position of your spine when you walk or jog, when you lift shopping bags or heavy weights, how you sit in your car... and many other correct positions in our life 
  • morning and evening routine
  • inputs to what to do when you have neck, shoulder, hips, knees or whatever problems in your spine
  • what to do best when you have a migraine attack
  • cramped muscles
  • nutrition input and much more

As a second step I plan to introduce a whole 12-weeks course for the topic  MENOPAUSE  - and everything which occupies us during this long or short period. Including Hormon-Yoga exercises. Franca from Point & Shoot will support me with photos and videos.....

 Something good is coming - be curious! 

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