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Power Yoga - Krieger

New: by Jutta Fürst in Zumikon

Pilates – strenghtening the body, tones and elongates the muscles, increasing flexibility and postural alignment – restoring the body’s natural Balance

Bootcamp – movements outside in fresh air – improving endurance, tone your muscles and start metabolism, burn fat – and it is fun!

individualized Personal Training – what ever needs or restrictions you have – we work on it professionally in one-to-one training at your chosen time and place

Time: Place:
Wednesday: Schwäntenmoos 15, Zumikon
8.40 – 9.30 am Pilates 1st floor
9.30 – 10.20 am Bootcamp  
Friday Prices:
2.00 – 2.50 pm Pilates Pilates: 10 lessons Fr. 270.00
3.00 – 3.50 pm Bootcamp Bootcamp: Fr. 15.00 per lesson

Contact me for any questions or get started and call me for reservation:

Jutta Fürst

T 078 622 94 01

You will get your resistants to the everyday stresses of work and life….

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