Personal Training – customized and individual


My offer for YOU

— customized and individual

During a first consultation we will define your individual needs and set targets. Accordingly to your needs and requirements, your personal training schedule will be set up.

I can offer you expert knowledge in the following areas:

  • strength, flexibility and coordination training
  • endurance
  • body forming, body toning, abs-thighs-bottom training
  • stabilization of core muscles
  • balance training
  • weight reduction with selective nutrition in combination with exercise

Personal Training is more…

… it is efficient and guarantees success;

the realistic targets which are set collectively will be achieved with your individual training schedule.

… it motivates, is fun and encourages you to want more.

On the way to your success, I, as your training partner, will support you with happiness and motivation. Noticeable changes, measurable results and an increased attitude to life will provide you with more life quality.

… and above all, it will never be dull!

Through a constantly changing program, integrating elements of Body Toning, Yoga, Pilates and so on – boredom is out of question!

I am convinced that everything is possible with your dedication and committment.

Let us go this way together!

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