Body Toning

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  • Friday, 09.00 - 09.50 am (light: Jutta)
  • Friday, 10.00 - 10.50 am (Jutta)

On the one hand Bodytoning means strengthening – build up of tonicity and elasticity of muscles – an on the other hand mind, posture and spirit. Exactly these are our main goals!

Invigoration of all the muscles, especially in the belly, thigh and bottom area but the muscles of arms, shoulders and torso will also be trained intensively.

At the same time your posture will be improved and the muscle groups that are prone to shorten will be stretched. Moreover, an upright posture protects the spine, works out the abdominals and back muscles and boosts our self-confidence.

Preliminary to the var ious strengthening exercises, with or without tools (body bars, dumbbells, elastic bands) the entire musculature will be warmed up with simple aerobic steps within 10–15 minutes. At the end of a lesson all needed muscles will be stretched to avoid shortening of muscles.

Body Toning Jutta FürstBody Toning Jutta FürstBody Toning Jutta FürstBody Toning Jutta FürstBody Toning Jutta Fürst

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