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Aqua Fit
Aqua Fit is a joint-friendly training against water resistance, partly with the help of weights.

Aqua Fit is a comprehensive movement training, where strengthening and stretching exercises reasonably support and supplement endurance. Flexibility, strength and coordination are build up effectively through Aqua Fit.

Aqua Fit is suitable for all target groups and due to its low impact on back and joints also appropriate for people who wish to join exercise for health reasons.

Aqua Fit is one of the best options to promote health and well-being.

Aquafit Aquafit Aquafit Aquafit

Advantages of Aqua Fit :

  • cardiovascular training
  • strengthening, invigoration and relaxation of muscles
  • protection of joints, tendons and ligaments
  • challenge for all muscle groups
  • no muscle soreness or excessive fatigue or tension of musculature
  • physical and psychological well-being
  • high calory consuption
  • little risk for injuries
  • reduction of recovery time after workout and competitions
  • group experience (social event, meeting new people)
  • supplement and variety in training


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